Our Services


Consultations are by appointment, with morning and afternoon consultations available from Monday to Friday, and morning consultations on Saturday. Our consultations are longer than many veterinary clinics, with an average of four to five scheduled per hour. This allows for a more thorough examination of your pet. Your pet's medical record can be accessed on our computer system from either of our branches, 24 hours a day.

A wide range of services is also provided by our nursing team, including weight clinics, worming, flea checks and nail clipping.

Gayton Vets Consultations - Jack Russell on consultation table


Before an operation your pet will be examined in the preparation room before having a sedative/anaesthetic.

We carry out a wide range of clinical procedures, from the routine to more sophisticated techniques such as endoscopy and orthopaedic surgery. Our operating theatres are fully equipped and operations are carried out in strictly sterile conditions with a professional nurse monitoring your pet during the operation and the recovery period.

Gayton Vets Operations - guinea pig ear exam


When hospitalisation is required we make every effort to make your pet's stay as comfortable as possible. We have separate cat and dog wards, and each patient has its own kennel with soft bedding. Nursing staff are on the premises at all times to care for your pet.

We have large kennels for larger breeds and incubators and warm beds for small and intensive care patients. Dogs are given frequent supervised access to an outside toileting and exercise area.

Gayton Vets In-Patients - kitten in kennel

Diagnostics and Laboratory

We have our own in-house laboratory, x-ray facilities, ECG machine, ultrasound and endoscopes.

Our laboratory facilities enable us to make a faster and more reliable diagnosis for your pet. We undertake a variety of investigative procedures, including blood testing (to assess your pet's liver and kidney function, blood glucose levels, proteins and electrolytes), urine testing and microscopic examination (to help diagnose skin conditions, look at smears and for faecal analysis.)

When more complex analysis is required, samples are sent to external specialist laboratories.

Gayton Vets Laboratory - microscope close up